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The impact of non original parts of the plant

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A car is composed of parts is very much, all of the components such as a single small screws, in the original design must pass strict inspection and test can be assembled to the car.

If there is a component of poor quality is not only affected the performance of the parts, it will jointly affect related accessories group, thereby affecting vehicle performance, serious or even affect traffic safety. Car various components of different roles, so design requirements also each are not identical, for example in size / material / function / durability have corresponding technical specification.

Often found on the market of non original parts are special examples of several instructions:

The headlamps

The brightness of the headlights must be considered, too bright or too dark will affect the traffic safety. In addition, the durability of headlamps, original internal headlight reflector is not easy ageing effect on brightness of; non original headlight is easy to aging.

Transmission shaft

Design of transmission shaft under load is very large, so the original drive shaft must, consider the material and precision, and through the strict test, otherwise it will produce shedding caused by vehicle body vibration and cause axle and steering system components for rapid damage, serious impact on driving safety on the road.

Brake pad / disc

Brake plate design for the original factory in durability, braking performance, noise and environmental protection and other aspects have strict requirements, and after a harsh vehicle to verify the match, rather than the original brake pads are often unable to provide design and quality assurance, common problems including brake thermal efficiency recession lead to brake failure, ABS and ESP system incompatible cause the system doesn't work properly.

Oil and oil grid

Non original supplies the engine oil and oil prices will be because of the effect of oil viscosity coefficient and filtering caused by damage to the engine, if the owner fails to timely detect and even lead to scrap the whole engine, such examples in reality.

Periodically to the 4S shop maintenance and repair is the traffic safety of the maximum guarantee, because 4S shop can ensure the timely supply of original parts and be able to provide professional maintenance services.

DVD player and navigation and reversing visual system

CD and DVD players and radio communication function, disc read function, Aux / USB connection function, door loudspeaker sound output, as well as a guide airlines and reversing visual picture display function have close contact, because these features are by Cd and DVD player data communication. Installation of non original DVD player and navigation and visual reversing system may appear because of non original parts factory quality or data communication problems cause charge sound harvesting bad, radio noise, compact disc read ability is poor, Aux / USB cannot connect to the recognition, door loudspeaker output sound quality poor guide navigation map are not allowed, no voice prompts, blue screen navigation, navigation input dysfunction, navigation and reversing visual picture can't automatic switching function. As a function of the sound system to protect your car is good, it is recommended that you avoid the use of non original parts.



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