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European auto parts enterprises settled in Wuxi

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Recently, a total investment of 36 million euros in Germany (Wuxi) has wire harness system Co. Ltd. was officially settled in Huishan Wuxi economic development zone.

As a leading European harness Starz in Germany in China's first factory, the company plans to in April 2016 start operations, is expected annual sales of not less than 1.5 billion yuan. The project is located in the city of Wuxi will further improve the auto parts industry chain. Starz, a German company, mainly engaged in electronic wiring harness, electronic control equipment, power distribution boxes, control of manufacturing and production, the products are mainly used in Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other well-known automobile brand, with annual sales of more than 90 million euros, is the European auto parts in the field of vice in the leader.



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