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Leader Speech

Dear  friends , ladies and Gentlemen

Shanghai Hongshang information technology Co., Ltd  is  a high- tech enterprise . with the enterprise spirit of “management by humanity, perfection by innovation, resource integration, globalization concentration “, we are engaged in establishment of  large scale enterprise full of vigor,  development & innovation of automobile parts  on high –tech condition , gathering talents team with reasonable structure , supplying excellent products & service such as automobile HID ballast ,automobile  GPS navigation system, automobile  parking sensor ,vehicle parking indicators, automobile igniter, automobile  alarm system. etc

Facing world finance crisis impact on automobile industry , we set our company rooted  in cosmopolitan city ---shanghai, by way of resource integration , through means of continuous   introduction of advanced technology & excellent talents , we seek perfection so as to build our company into  an automotive parts  company with outstanding brands  , brilliant employees, core competitive competencies and international operation capabilities.

We would like to seek common better future through good partnership with friends from all walks of life !

                                           Chairman of  the company  :  Zheng  YuDing



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