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Shanghai international automotive parts, equipment and service supplies exhibition

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China economic net Shanghai on December 2 hearing (reporter correspondent Zhao Jing Yu Jing), Asia 's largest auto parts exhibition - 2015 Shanghai International Automobile spare parts, maintenance and inspection diagnosis and service equipment exhibition December 2 in Shanghai exhibition center opening. This exhibition for the first time in Shanghai National Convention Center, the whole area of 280 thousand square meters, compared with the previous increase of nearly 27%. From 39 countries and regions more than 5300 exhibitors for the first time. This exhibition includes four plates "automotive supplies and modification" and "auto parts", car repair and maintenance "and added the" electronic and system, and 50 more than Summit Forum, product promotion and other concurrent activities are held.

In the exposition of the four plate, and the growth rate is most significant "automotive supplies and modified plate will bring a series of supporting activities, activities and modified plate of interactive activities will focus on the theme of environmental protection and related products. During the exhibition will be a live demonstration of the micro water washing technology, and with the dynamic video publicity to explain, with live audience interaction. Enjoy green life new ideas at the same time, the plate will also bring many other wonderful activities, including "Chinese wind" modified car explain, hood painting shows, drift technology and explain modified car show etc..

Including Bosch, CTP, ITW, mogul and magic power, industry leader of the brand will be in this year during the exhibition held promotional activities, undoubtedly reflect the brand enterprises in the highly recognized brand accumulation effect created advantage. They will be through a number of seminars to further consolidate the brand image, promotion of new products and technologies. In addition, there will be all kinds of press conferences and professional training courses have come on stage.

Significant growth in all other areas are also popular attention. In this year's events at the same time, more to join the new industry associations and organizations jointly organized the forum of of all kinds conference will explore the latest information and the development trend of the industry and technology. The exhibition industry influence and to create a massive opportunity to communicate in concurrent activities are fully displayed, so that the industry experts gathered, to share and to promote the new products and ideas. Market and industry brought about by the expansion of the scale of these activities aimed to solve the growing car ownership problem.

New energy, manufacturing, automobile manufacturing technology such as theme area will focus on the present technology and leading products. In the development of the automobile industry is full of vitality, innovation. Keep pace with the times, grasp the dynamic industry undoubtedly is crucial to seek business opportunities in the market of the enterprises China.

China is located in the rapidly growing car market front, more local and global power enterprises struggling to catch up with the tide of development. The International Museum of the scale of the exhibition this year increased significantly by 30%, is expected to will attract about 100000 from all over the world professional audiences to visit the site, including nearly 100 domestic and overseas buyers and professional audience group, from 15 countries and regions.



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