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Note the 2010 auto parts international market

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The United States in 2009 a total of 60 parts manufacturers filed for bankruptcy protection, more than the total for 2000 to 2008. In view of this, the U.S. auto industry prospects not optimistic, parts suppliers remain in bad situation. Capital chain financing and high interest rates triggered is the biggest threat to spare parts company.

The other side of the ocean and the China parts manufacturers obviously feel the American counterparts "cold". Driven by the China hot auto market, the rapid growth of China auto parts company. In 2009 Chinese auto output will reach 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7%. The number of China's auto parts company also reached 13000. From 2002-2008, the number of China's auto parts company at an average annual rate of 20% speed increase.

In 2009, due to growth of more than 40% of the total Chinese auto industry, auto parts company's capacity expansion will become the industry trend.

Go out of the country to find new markets

Iran has become a hot market in the Middle East

For the development of the Iran market, many car companies have actually started China. Since Iran fully open its domestic auto market, it has become a hot market in the middle east. At present, Iran has a car assembly cooperative production operations, to export cars to Iran is mainly car company in Japan, Russia, South Korea and France. According to relevant data shows, Iran's auto market in the past 7 years at an average annual rate of 20% speed growth, market demand will grow at an average annual rate of 20% speed, to 2010, sales at least to reach 100 million level.

September Iran fully open the domestic car market, the car has become a hot market in the middle east. Now, Iran's auto market's major vendors is South Korea's Hyundai, Kia and GM Daewoo, they use exports to Iran assembled semi-finished parts, assembled in the local mode of production, sales last year of about 16 million vehicles; in addition Toyota, Mitsubishi, Russian car company also in Iran assembly in automobile production. Not long ago, Shanghai Chery automobile company and Iran companies signed a cooperation agreement to build cars in iraq. The local market analysts believe that Iran will become in the Middle East a car hot, Russia, Japan and South Korea in the enterprise will be here launched the fierce market competition.
India Market

In the global financial crisis, India automobile and parts market performance after China. India local brand and Chinese parts manufacturers has become the very important force in India market. Many domestic parts enterprises have begun to open up the market in India:

Weichai Power began to study the strategy of India market as early as 2005, 2008 sales reached $10 million. India as one of the BRIC countries, the market potential is enormous, optimistic estimates annual sales growth to reach 20% to 30%.

Hong Kong to India's auto parts exports is always high, but in the 2006 / 2007 has soared 3.44%. At the same time, the mainland China exports to India also climbed 146. Mainland China in the Indian car market plays more and more important role, the 2006 / 2007 of local exports of automobiles and motorcycles with chassis, body and parts gross to $2.14 billion.

At present, China accounted for about India's car (one-third of for public transport) imported vehicle body, the annual gross about 1000 million dollars. 2006 / 2007, the body of a surge in imports 76.0%, which from mainland China imported body also by 2005 / 06 30 model units increased significantly 2006 / 2007 of 720 model units.

The procurement cost of automobile chassis for each 10000 to 12000 dollars, the year 2006 / 2007, South Korea supply chassis for each $2600. At the same time, Russia is the largest supplier of chassis, chassis imported India accounted for 46%, the supply price for each $26000.

India auto parts market potential can not be ignored, but now the biggest problem is the Chinese enterprise price war. According to the introduction, hoping to enter the Indian market Chinese enterprises many, also some studies, but often single soldier combat, it is inevitable that blind, even because given that India is market strategy, and purchasing power is low, in order to occupy the market, Chinese enterprises between first hit price war, at the expense of losing money, the Chinese products and the overall image of the brand adverse. Like first motorcycle in China to enter the Indian market, hope that the Chinese auto parts enterprises to think seriously about the "warning" to the current situation, to refrain from repeating the mistakes of the past. "

Africa Auto Parts Market
In recent years, significantly expanded the African national automobile market, car ownership and car update rates are increasing year by year, the data shows, including three national auto update rate of more than 5% (Mauritius 7.7%, 5.4% in Botswana, South Africa 5.1%).

In Africa, due to the poor road conditions, less network of vehicle maintenance and repair and spare parts expensive, greatly reducing the service life of the vehicle. Therefore. In Africa engaged in automobile and fittings is very promising, as long as the selection of the position, plus a reasonable price and high quality service, affirmative profit is very considerable. Of course, the main auto parts sales will appear in the maintenance market.

Africa due to its geographical environment, the bus manufacturer and its assembly plant considerable market. Light commercial vehicle market in Africa by TOYOTA in Asia, NISSAN, Mazda%, followed by volkswagen. The truck market by Staier, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Sikanie played a dominant role, mostly in Africa assembled body.

In South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Botswana, these vehicles have relatively large countries, automobile and accessories market almost to South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Germany and France monopoly, China should to local involvement in the more difficult. But in some of the least developed African countries, such as Zambia, Angola, Ethiopia and Uganda country, open up the market relative to some easily. China Jiefang, Dongfeng truck has to enter the African market in 90 years in the last century. At present, assembly plant in Tanzania, Uganda and other countries have several Chinese trucks.

In addition, large passenger cars, Chinese small van in the local production is also very popular. The reason is China production car in a lower price, reliable quality. There are plenty of accessories and competent customer service service team.

China vehicle and parts enterprises to enter into Africa, at the cost of human will get good advantage.

The Russian auto parts market
Russian automotive statistical analysis company experts estimated that primary Russian auto parts market in growth rate is 20% ~ 25%, this growth rate. In 2009, the total market close to $100 million, by 2010 will be close to $150 billion. But the current domestic Russian parts of the trend, at least half of the shares of foreign companies to share.

China has a unique advantage in auto parts trade between China and russia. First, continue to enhance the competitiveness of China parts industry. In recent years, the rapid increase in automobile industry competitiveness, improve product competitiveness. Second, the competitive advantage of China auto parts products at present mainly in low-cost, low price advantage, while the rapid growth of the market is price sensitive degree high areas, affordable products on the market produced no small attraction. At the same time, China vehicle exports continued rapid growth, export growth driven parts. A complete set of spare parts export growth directly bring parts exports. Chinese car customer service market and opportunities for the export of spare parts. Also Russian economy has become increasingly active, improve residents pay and consumption capacity of the will to China exports to Russia injected new vitality. In terms of transportation, China exclusive advantages, Russia and Chinese adjacent by rail or shipping and other transport modes.

At present, China has some auto parts enterprises see Russia's rich market resources, parts and components exports has been rapid growth. Experts suggest that, in the face of Russia such a vast, both familiar and unfamiliar market, enterprises will inevitably to face a number of challenges. In this regard, we must have full understanding, take various measures to deal with.

First of all, in the enterprise strategy, to clear the guiding ideology of automobile and parts exports. Not only will be exported as a matter of expediency, it should be the long-term development strategy of enterprises.

In second, the product strategy, to abandon the low-end, low-cost strategy. In according to the price to seek a balance between. Establish and promote brand image, enhance the competitiveness of products.

Third, the quality of the products, should be strictly controlled. Auto parts quality and reliability is an important factor to determine the vitality of export products, low-end products can not is the low quality of the products. Auto parts is related to the life safety of the consumer, very strict requirements on the quality, especially Russia itself is the largest automobile manufacturers, with relatively complete technical standards and regulations policy, China auto parts into the Russian market should be strictly the quality pass, to eliminate the doubts of the Russian consumer heart. We must study the importing country market access conditions, technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures, prevent blindly into, to avoid unnecessary losses.

At the same time, the domestic counterparts must avoid vicious competition in the international market. The homogenization of products, the same target market is very prone to vicious competition. To strengthen self-discipline and internal coordination and guidance, to avoid vicious competition, to avoid disorderly competition in the self.



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