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Vehicle Parking Indicator


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Product category: garage parking indicator
Product Name: XQ-24002
Product model: XQ-24002

Car parking indicator

The utility model is as accurate parking. If you in the parking garage or outdoor tent and found to judge the front bumper or the plate distance from the wall is difficult when using the indicator can help you stop accurately, in order to avoid parked the car is not in place or car super distance against the wall. It is the ultrasonic ranging principle, can accurately detect the safe distance of 5 meters, and display a green light, 1.5 meters of alarm distance (in yellow lights and a siren tips) and 0.5 m stopping distance (in red light and high frequency alarm prompt). It consists of 4AA battery or external power supply provides a DC voltage 12V. It includes a display device, sensor and cable. Low voltage alarm.

The company's parking indicator has significant advantages as follows:

1, the detection distance can be set according to the different needs of guests, autonomous control technology.

2, the use of dual probe technology to mature.

3, high detection accuracy.

4, portable installation function.

5, using the international general 4AA battery.

6, exclusive private mode of development, technical conditions, advanced production line.



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